Slender Pale

Deep in the moonshining inland of Sweden Slender Pale was formed late 2015.The goal was toturn a recording project into a band that would perform hard and heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll!
Slender Pale is proud of their strong influences from classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.
The mission is to bring back what makes Hard Rock great, that little rawness and energy, that little edge of forbidden pleasure.

Since they turned into trio Slender Pale has found their right format, “nowhere to hide, you just have to deliver every second.”
· Pelle GUS Gustavsson –Vocal and Bass
· Nenne Wallin –Guitar and Backing vocals
· Lennie Gunshot Andersson -Drums

When people use Motörhead as a reference we say thanks, because that’s just the attitude and persistence we would like to be recognized by.
For a more in depth interview, feel free visit Robex Lundgrens Blogg:

Coming releases

This Old Road (2020-10-02)
by Slender Pale

Released music

Perfect Stranger (2020-08-07)
by Slender Pale

Illusion (2020-07-03)
by Slender Pale

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