Slender Pale - Black Label Rock 'n' Roll

Black Label
Rock 'n' Roll

This song was a bit hard to write. It starded as a challange from one of the kids at the school where Nenne was working; " You guys should write a song called Black Coffe Rock 'n' Roll".
Well... I do love my black coffe, but I struggled to find substance for a bad ass rock tune.

Then I  started to remember beeing a kid just like him, going to rock concerts and having all the cool posters on my wall.
The song is about going to see your idols at a show.
The exitemnt, the feeling of a little bit of danger and the band was of course larger than life, even if they're were just local guys.
Watching a 3:rd gen VHS of Headbangers Ball
was Rock 'n' Roll, but watching a band play live was 
Black Label Rock 'n' Roll.


  • Black Label Rock 'n' Roll

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