When the 60’s, the 70’s and a pinch of modern, touch, sparks fly. 

69-Dust is a long-term project and the brainchild of Ulf Wilhelmsson, a multi-instrumental artist from Sweden.

With childhood friend Thomas Samuelsson joining on song, Stefan ”Stisse” Andersson on  guitar, Robin Gustafsson on drums and Dennis Svensson on bass the band has drawn international attention.

The first single, under CRS Records, was released in spring 2020. 

With a full album slated for the spring 2021 the success of this ambitious band is assured.


The next single "Getting smacked" from 69-Dust will hit all major streaming services on December 17th! Rock till you drop!

Coming releases

Getting smacked (2021-12-17)
by 69-Dust

Released music

Fast Living (2021-10-01)
by 69-Dust

Pressing on (2021-03-26)
by 69-Dust

Part of Your Game (2021-03-12)
by 69-Dust

Fire Away (2020-11-27)
by 69-Dust

Bad Sugar (2020-06-26)
by 69-Dust

Trippin' (2020-04-10)
by 69-Dust

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