69-Dust - The last days of summer

It’s just a feeling for when the summer has ended. It just wasn’t meant to stay.


We have all been there. The days of change hitting us as we pass through the seasons that make up our lives, years laid behind, the travel into our future. You never really know when that exact tipping point will occur, only that it is inevitable that it does. And there aint much you can do about the passing of time. It slips through your fingers like the grains of sand in an hourglass. One by one, moments are added to the road you’re on. From that feeling of changes we made The Last Days of Summer recorded in a series of stripped down and down to earth sessions trying to catch the live spirit of our band. Looking back, longing for those precious moments to last forever. But they don’t. Things will change and we will change in the cycle of life. But we still have roads to ride and fuel to burn so get in back and see what awaits you down the track. Enjoy the ride!


  • The last days of summer

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