Dick Lundberg - Syster i natt

"Syster i natt" is an album about handeling those inner demons that intrudes all your relationships, interferes with your inner peace and makes you less happy than you should've been if you realised that you already have it all. The songs were written in a time span of 20 years and the recordings were made from 2012 until now. Some things needs it's time, you know. Music, lyrics, all instruments, mix and master were handled by Dick Lundberg in Studio Mörkrummet. Additional vocals on track 7 by Tomas Blomqvist.


  • Syster i natt
  • Ibland
  • När natten sänker sina svar
  • Lejon
  • Gråt inte mer nu
  • Under över
  • Lite före åtta en söndagmorgon
  • Ticka ticka strävsamma ur
  • Dom små toner jag sparat (Kortlek)
  • Sov gott i natt

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